Taketime Training Day

Aberdeen Crown Terrace Methodist Church, from 10am to 3.30pm Tuesday 30thApril

At the heart of Taketime is the Ignatian idea of an imagined encounter with the Jesus of the Bible in which we are invited to step into an episode from the New Testament and imagine a conversation with Jesus.

Taketime meditations use your imagination to provide a calm, comfortable space in which to meet God. Anyone can use the meditations, regardless of background or religion, and in a variety of settings to suit each person or group. Although the meditations are each based on an episode from the Christian gospels, no religious knowledge or background is required.

This training day will provide opportunities to experience Taketime and learn how to facilitate others in groups for Taketime Together.

Registration and coffee/tea are available from 10am. Lunch will be provided; the event is free but please register via https://taketime.eventbrite.co.uk

For more information email Gary Williams williamsg@methodistchurch.org.uk or visit the Taketime website http://taketime.org.uk

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