Advent Reflections

Nativity, a painting by Dr He Qi – a Chinese artist living in California, USA.

Nativity, a painting by Dr He Qi – a Chinese artist living in California, USA.

The Methodist Church is producing short reflections on video for Advent. See those posted to date. The Reflection for 5th December is by Rev Mark Slaney, chair of the Scottish District.


Lent videos

I had an idea to create something for the 40 days of lent (Mondays to Saturdays) and I have begun uploading 40 videos that last about 2 to 3 minutes only. They are simply a reading from the bible followed by a short prayer with music and video. If anyone in the district is interested in “journeying with us” in this simple, meditative way the link is as follows: Lent Meditations – YouTube

Rev Chris Jackson – Moray Coast

A Year of Prayer 2021, but now as well!

Conference has declared 2021 a Year of Prayer “so that our Church-wide commitments to evangelism, church growth, church at the margins, and pioneering and church planting will flow from a deep contemplative orientation to God’s grace and love.”

Provision has been made for a Weekly Online Prayer Meeting on Tuesdays at 12.45pm. These are streamed live on Facebook. If you wish to take part on Zoom, register, and you will be sent a link.

Suggestions and resources are also available through Districts, Circuits, and churches.

Brexit day prayer

A prayer for Brexit day by the Revd Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Conference

However we feel about today
We mark this Brexit day
As people who grieve or celebrate together

One people
Loved equally, freely and unconditionally
By the one wise all-seeing God

Either way let us hold this day gently
Giving ourselves permission to leave
Without elation or despair
Determined to love our neighbour
Support the weak and welcome the stranger

Lord of all life
Let your servants depart in peace
And live according to your Holy Law.

District Prayer Diary

Sue Marshall-Jennings would be pleased to receive further prayers, especially relating to local situations and concerns, for inclusion in the Diary – in the next few daysplease.

District Prayer Diary

Sue is now preparing the new District Prayer Diary and would be very pleased
to have contributions  on the themes – from the District Development Proposals – of Biblical Engagement and Social Action.

In previous years we have offered prayers for people and situations within
particular Circuits and hope to be able to do this again. Everyone is invited to submit contributions, which should be sent to Sue by 17th August.


Why Methodism – what we discussed

A series of 3 meetings held in Lent 2018 considered our Methodist heritage.

In the first meeting, we heard about John Wesley, and the origins of the Methodist church. In the second meeting, we shared our own personal Methodist origins. Finally, we looked at the challenges of Our Calling as members of the Methodist Church and considered how we might live up to that calling.