I’m new!

New to Dundee Methodists?

Methodists firmly believe that God’s love is for all, so you are welcome, whoever you are!

We are now meeting fortnightly for worship at Dundee Art Society, 17 Roseangle.

Please come along and introduce yourself.

Alternatively, please feel free to email us.

There may be ways in which we can help you, especially if you are new to Dundee. But we are happy to hear from you, wherever you are!

More about Worship.

New to Christianity?

Christian worship is open not just to believers but to all who want to know about Jesus Christ.

Jesus preached the Gospel – the good news of the Kingdom of God. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, and his resurrection, Christians believe that God has broken the power of all that is evil, in the world and in ourselves. If we accept forgiveness and liberation, and are willing to be open to Him, God can enable us to resist evil and to live life to the full.

To find out more about basic Christianity, visit the Christianity website. To spend more time exploring what Christianity can mean for you, and what it actually does mean for others, try the ReJesus website.

New to Methodism?

Methodists are a Protestant church, founded by John Wesley 300 years ago. They are known for:

  • A belief that no one is beyond the reach of God’s love: God is there for everyone who turns to him, not just for the chosen few. Methodists have always taken a strong interest in social affairs, whether in our own communities or worldwide. It is also a strong feature of Methodism that ordinary lay people play a major part in the running of the Church.
  • An emphasis on education and learning: John Wesley encouraged small groups to develop, so that members could receive support and be challenged in their faith. Classes and house groups are still seen as vital elements of Methodist life, but we build on them with other forms of education.
  • Being “born in song”: John Wesley, and particularly his brother Charles, wrote many of the familiar hymns sung in churches today. Singing is still an important means of learning about, sharing and celebrating our faith.

Find out more from the Methodist Church’s website.

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