Property Redevelopment meeting report

The Redevelopment group met on Tuesday. Its discussions took place in the context of the congregation’s exploration of its future mission – what is our purpose here, and how does the building fit in with that mission? It considered where the congregation might be in 10 years’ time; how would we then be financing the running costs of the building? If we are to seek funds from external bodies for redevelopment, we need to tell a story about our proposed future use of the premises

It was recognised that the full range of options might include
• Raising £800,000 to implement the architect’s plans
• A cheaper version, perhaps with the worship area downstairs
• Installing only a lift and accessible toilets
• Partnering with another church
• Seeking guarantees of future rental income from user groups, especially those with a long term financial future
• Renting accommodation in the City centre.
The group aims to further the conversation on which options are desirable and feasible. We will investigate what our running costs are, and explore possible partnerships. We are aware that there are maintenance jobs that have been put on hold, but cannot be forgotten. We will investigate possible sources of funding.

The next meeting is fixed for Tuesday 15th January at 10 am.

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