Pastoral letter Lent 2023

Dear Friends

“Overdose at Christmas and give it up at Lent” sang Robbie Williams in his hit “Millennium” released in 1998.  In my memory it still seems a relatively recent song, but it is 25 years old – time flies!  For children and young people, it is ancient history.

The lyric captures a sense of feasting in the Christmas period and giving up something in the period of Lent, but to view Lent simply through this lens (of giving something up) is to miss the richness of the season.  The idea of giving something up comes from the notion of self-denial.  The purpose of self-denial is to help us recall our relationship with the Creator through Jesus Christ.  Lent is an opportunity to deliberately spend time in the presence of God.  When we are busy consumers, Lent challenges us to make the time to think again.

During this period of Lent, let us take time to remember who we are in the presence of God.  Some questions we might reflect upon:

  • How did we end up in church?
  • Why do we want to be part of a church?
  • What does Jesus mean to me?
  • Do we see ourselves as disciples of Jesus?
  • What does that even mean!?
  • How do we talk to each other about these things?

Change happens quickly in our communities and such questions can help us navigate the way and may even bring some revelation.  Actually, May will bring Revelation in the form of Bible Month and by way of preparation we are invited to share in the District online Lent groups.

With love


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