Kindle a Flame

The latest edition of the Connexion magazine is now published.

connexion magazine 29 front cover

The theme of issue 29, Kindle a Flame, challenges us to see God’s flame and discern God’s spark.

The Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler reminds us of a Palestinian Jew who kindled a spark to lighten our darkness.  And we can kindle that spark into a flame in so many different contexts: the Revd Heather Leake Date describes nurturing the flame of care in her work with HIV patients, Richard Oppong-Boateng ignites fires in young people’s hearts, and Youth President James Carver says it’s when the fire of inclusion burns in our churches that we fully affirm and welcome those with neurodiverse conditions.

And we must be ever watchful not to let the fire go out, say Abi Jarvis and Andy Fishburne.

We believe this edition will inspire you to keep the fire burning, so that God’s flame may warm your heart, light your church and community and enable us all to share God’s eternal love.

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