Who Cares?

Session details (it is strongly recommended that participants attend all 4 sessions)

Session 1 (13th November): Introduction to Pastoral care

Session 2 (20th November): Discipleship and Hospitality

Session 3 (27th November): Listening and Prayer

Session 4 (4th December): Pastoral Care in Difficult Times

All sessions will take place on Zoom, from 7-9pm

Who should come to this Learning Network event?

The event is created with Methodist Churches in mind, but anyone passionate about the ministry of pastoral care is very welcome to attend!

How much does this event cost?

This event is free and offered as part of the Learning Network support across the Connexion – just register and you’ll receive joining instructions for the event.

About the Connexional Learning Network

Learning and development across the Connexion is supported by the Methodist Church’s Learning Network. This work has four aims:

  • nurturing and equipping Christ-like disciples
  • challenging and equipping mission-shaped communities
  • forming and equipping those who share in lay and ordained ministry
  • enabling and encouraging creative thinkers in an environment of scholarship, research and innovation


Church Leaders respond to net zero announcement

“We are dismayed that the Prime Minister is delaying the implementation of policies to achieve net zero. As Christian leaders we are deeply committed to encouraging all within our sphere of influence to be ambitious in reaching net zero as we seek to care for God’s creation. This transition must be rapid, equitable and just.”

This is the beginning of the joint statement issued by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, The Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, In response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on net zero policies.

“At a time when so many people are struggling financially, the government has a crucial role to play in ensuring the cost of transition to net zero does not fall most heavily on those least able to afford it. Delaying measures to insulate homes will have the opposite effect, and slowing efforts to reduce fossil fuel use will increase climate impacts on vulnerable communities around the globe.

Extreme weather events this year have demonstrated the urgency of the situation. The independent Climate Change Committee have assessed that even current policy measures are insufficient to meet the UK’s climate targets. The government needs to urgently demonstrate how it will get the UK back on track to reach net zero before 2050.

The commitments made at COP26 were instrumental in providing confidence to industry, investors and civil society that the UK was serious about rising to the climate challenge. It is a source of extreme disappointment that the Prime Minister’s announcement will damage that confidence and undermine our collective efforts. As a country, we have moral and legal responsibilities to show leadership in tackling the climate emergency together.”

  • Revd Lynn Green, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain
  • Revd Dr Tessa Henry-Robinson, Moderator of General Assembly, United Reformed Church
  • Revd Gill Newton, President of the Methodist Conference
  • Deacon Kerry Scarlett, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

Service of Admission as a Methodist Local Preacher

Rob Mackay has been accepted by the Preachers’ and Circuit Meetings, and will be formally admitted as a Methodist Local Preacher. This will take place at 3 pm on Sunday 15th October in Perth Methodist Church; this replaces the previously advertised event in Arbroath.

We are warmly encouraged to join in this celebration and offer our affirmation and prayers for Rob as he begins this new phase of ministry as a Local Preacher in the Methodist Church.

Brought Ferry Churches Group history book

To mark and celebrate the 50+ years of its existence, Brought Ferry Churches Group has produced a commemorative hardback book recording its own history and that of its current Ferry member congregations.

David E has an advance copy to view; if you wish to place an order (for yourself, for someone else, as a possible Christmas present…); please contact David.  The purchase price is expected to be c £15.

Changes to the connectional Learning Network

  • Learning Network Regions are being replaced with a brand new Learning Network Team covering the whole of the Connexion on 1st September 2023. Changes are still taking place but we are excited about what the new structure will bring.
  • The role of the Learning Network is to equip and resource the Church through a wide range of contextually relevant learning and development opportunities. You can download our latest Learning Development opportunities here and sign up to our events. The Learning Network shares responsibility with others within the Connexional Team and key stakeholders within the districts, circuits and churches. The Learning Network’s work is developed from what comes out of Conference including the Connexional strategies across the team, and what comes up from the grassroots of the districts. The Learning Network works together Connexionally on national projects such as 3Generate, as well as delivering training and facilitating learning events such as Supervision and Positive Working Together. Priorities for learning and development are considered through the Connexional Learning & Development Forum, with a view to enabling districts and circuits in being places of lifelong learning and sharing, so as to encourage and inspire Methodist people in all aspects of Our Calling. Therefore, our priorities are within worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism, which enables us to live out our discipleship so that the love of God can be made known in all we do.
  • You’ll find lots of information about learning events and opportunities here https://www.methodist.org.uk/our-work/learning-and-development/learning-network-courses/
  • Sign up for the new Learning Network Newsletter – first release will be September. (Link is bottom of the page)  https://www.methodist.org.uk/about-us/news/sign-up-for-newsletters/
  • Join the Learning Network Facebook Group to share, discuss and learn more https://www.facebook.com/groups/thelearningnetwork
  • There are six Learning & Development Managers working with the Director of Learning and Development to manage the Learning Network, who are also part of the new Lead Managers group within the Connexional Team. Each LDM has responsibility for some of the L&D Officers.

    The Learning & Development manager for the Scotland Nation Staff Group is Lorraine Darlow. Her contact details are: darlwol@methodistchurch.org.uk
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7467 5210 | Mobile: +44 (0) 77 9990 0471

  • Each District has an aligned Learning & Development Officer. The aligned officer role is one element of an LDO’s work as a member of the Learning Network and wider Connexional team. They may also have specialist skills and knowledge, which may be drawn on through the shared work plan.
  • The aligned Learning & Development officer for the Scotland District is Kathryn Campbell. Kathryn’s contact details are campbellk@methodistchurch.org.uk
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7467 5225 | Mobile: +44 (0) 73 8481 6483

Holiness Journal

The latest issue of Wesley House’s online open-access, peer-reviewed journal – Holiness – is out now!

This is the first of two special edition centenary issues which seek to celebrate 100 years of theological leadership, fellowship and excellence.

The journal offers a range of scholarship that formed part of Wesley House’s centenary events and articles and sermons beyond it. From Paul Chilcote’s excellent survey of the current state of the global Methodist communion in ‘Mapping Global Methodist Theology’, to Paul Glass’ intimate retelling of the ‘Story of Wesley House’. From Ruby Quantson-Davis’ pertinent treatment on the importance of ‘Sitting with the Discomfort of Decolonisation’, to Jane Leach’s deeply personal consideration of ‘A Century of Theological Reflection’ in Cambridge.

We hope you find something to enjoy, and keep an eye out for the next!

Pastoral Letter from Nick

Dear Friends
Pointillism drove me dotty! I am always learning and recently was privileged
to see original works by Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet. I knew
Monet was a famous painter but didnt really appreciate why. He was part of a
movement of painters that sought to paint using small blobs of thickly applied
paint to build up an impression of what the artist was looking at. The
pointillists took this a stage further using brightly coloured dots to build up a
picture. I was looking at a painting by Paul Signac and when you got up close
all you could see was some brightly coloured dots! They look like random
blobs of paint. Only on standing back can you see the picture with the eye
making the connections.
As we travel into the new Methodist year, it may feel at times we are looking
at blobs and going a bit dotty! A lot of change is underway and sometimes we
can only see small parts of it and can seem to be a bit random. At such times it
is good to remember the bigger picture of who we are (followers of Jesus
Christ) seeking to live out our lives as disciples (with a Methodist perspective).
At times the painting can get messy especially when it is incomplete, but
God is at work, painting the church anew and we are part of that.
The impressionists were not received well by the conventional art community
in France (perhaps a bit like the early Methodists were not received well with
the established religious communities). Change can be difficult, but the
impressionists left a lasting legacy which is stunning. Then, as I moved on, I
encountered the post impressionists such as ToulouseLautrec. He stuck
together random bits of cardboard on which he painted. I was amazed, and
again reminded of how creative beauty is brought forth from a random mess of
life. Change comes and we go on together trusting in our faithful God and
remembering we encounter Christ in the unlikely, the random & the neglected.

With love,