Sevlievo appeal – thanks

An e-mail from Sue and Julya to Circuit congregations, expresses “huge thanks” for the amount raised which to date totals £667.60. The sum of £617.60 has already been sent to Bulgaria, via Julya; Pastor Margarita is handing it to the family along with donations received from Bulgarian churches.

What a difference this will make to this family who must surely have been wondering how they would ever begin to cover the medical costs that Svetla and her surviving son are incurring. Your generosity will have lifted a huge burden from them, so that instead of worrying about finances, Svetla and Konstantin will now be able to concentrate on getting better. More too, the massive sense of relief on the part of the grandparents who, whilst having so little money and the struggle of supporting the daughter and grandson through a horrific time, must now feel overwhelmed by the love and support from congregations so far away, who have not only held them in prayer but who have gone the extra mile with them and extended that support beyond their wildest imagination. True connexionalism as part of a worldwide family of Methodists.

Thank you all so much”

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