The Anglican Church in Iran

Because of the recent increase in the stringency of economic sanctions, Iran’s economy is experiencing great rises in the prices of food and increasing scarcity of medicines and other essentials.

In the Anglican community in Iran, 3 small congregations continue to meet under pastoral oversight of the Vicar-General and 3 deacons who lead weekly services.

Christians of the Diocese of Iran and the wider community face the challenges of living at this demanding time. Archbishop Suheil, as President-Bishop, had planned to visit in mid-October, but it did not prove possible. It is a reminder of how isolated the congregations are.  It is rarely possible for people to visit.

In this situation, those outside the country can best serve these small communities by holding them in prayer, (remembering) all those who follow the way of Jesus in Iran, together with the whole population and leadership of the country.  Pray too for the role of Iran in the wider region.”

(from ‘Bible Lands’ the magazine of the Jerusalem and Middle East Church Association, Winter 2018 edition).

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