Methodist Conference Points

  • The Rev Dr Barbara Glasson was inducted as President of Conference for this Connexional year and Professor Clive Marsh as Vice-President.
  • The President-designate (ie to serve in 2020-21) is the Rev Richard Beale (Chair of the Cumbria District) and Carolyn Lawrence (a former Mission Partner in Guyana) is Vice-President-designate.
  • The Marriage and Relationships Report and a series of provisional resolutions on proposals set out in the Report are commended to us for conversation and discussion prior to final vote at Conference in 2020.
  • Recognition was given to the climate emergency and Conference called on the UK to achieve zero emission well before 2050.
  • In this context, particular reference was made to single-use plastics; members and churches are encouraged to reduce plastic pollution, with church cafés asked to consider joining refill schemes.

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