Embrace the Middle East

Embrace the Middle East is a Christian charity originally set up in 1854 as The Turkish Mission Society, principally working among Armenian Christians in Turkey.  Its name was changed in 1893 to The Bible Lands Mission Aid Society and in1962 to The Bible Lands Society; further alterations occurred in 1996 to BibleLands and in 2012 to Embrace the Middle East.

Embrace ME works with and to support Christian communities doing life-changing work in countries of the Near and Middle East, including Turkey, Syria, Egypt, the Balkans, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Cyprus, with projects currently in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria.  It works actively with 16 partners  with focus particularly on education, healthcare, community development, often relating to refugees from with and outwith the area.

During 2019, Mark, one of Embrace ME’s Regional Managers will be running every single pilgrimage route across Scotland and the north of England to raise awareness & funds, including an Edinburgh Fun Run on Sunday 22ndSeptember.

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