Flower Rota

If anyone wishes to offer to prepare the 2018 flower rota, please contact a Church Steward. Please also let us know if you wish your name added to next year’s rota.

MHA Christmas Friendship Appeal

We are invited to write an extra Christmas card to be distributed to an MHA resident or Live at Home Scheme member. Please

  • address to ‘Dear friend’;
  • add a seasonal greeting;
  • say who it’s from – your first name is fine;
  • say you are from Dundee Methodist Church.


Worship in Salem URC Church next Sunday will commence at 10.45am to include the Act of Remembrance with two minutes’ silence at 11am.

The Service will also include the celebration of Holy Communion as is the URC’s usual Sunday practice. An invitation is given to all to partake of the bread and wine in Communion; the wine is non-alcoholic, offered in both a Common Cup and individual glasses.

As there will be no Communion Offering, the Church Council agreed that the sum allocated last year to Tayside Veterans, which was returned as unused, should be given to the Earl Haig Fund as this year’s November Communion Offering.

There will be a display of flowers for Remembrance on the Beechwood Table during this coming week leading to Remembrance Sunday. They are also in memory of members of the Robertson family, long-time and loyal Methodists in Dundee, gifted by Ann Buchan (née Robertson) in memory of her parents and brother.


During Caragh’s holiday, we are asked to remove chairs today and set out for next Sunday, please.

In Touch – District newsletter

The newsletter of the Methodist Church in Scotland – In Touch – contains articles form various writers, including, this time, Beryl Cowling.

After a period of print publication, it is now being sent by email from the District Office with local distribution to be arranged by churches. If you wish to receive a copy by email or a printed copy, please let the Eassons know. There is a paper to sign on the vestibule table to indicate your wish. Alternatively, read it now!

Worship Consultation

The next Dundee Worship Consultation will be on Wednesday 8th November at 1pm.
All interested are invited; feedback, comments on and material for worship can be given to Sue Commander.