Worship Consultation points to note

Discussion included

  • Lent material this year, especially the effective use of Lego, the challenging nature of the theme, and preachers’ incorporation into their services – feedback will be sent to MWiB who produced the material;
  • an illustrated item about our recent Lent displays will be sent for publication in the September “In Touch”;
  • the success of the Easter Breakfast was noted with intention of having further such Breakfasts from time to time;
  • discussion about “eye-catching displays” to draw public attention across the front windows – recognising practical difficulties, need for quick impact & some discernible Christian / Church linkage or context;
  • acknowledgement that arranging porch displays is physical work; alternatives to moving the Beechwood table to be considered.
  • next meeting – Wednesday 14thAugust, 1pm.

“In Touch”: Scotland District Newsletters

Chris Jackson, (Minister on the Moray Coast) is now producing the In Touch newsletter for the Scottish District in a digital format and a more pictorial style. Read about the other half of Nik Wooller’s work, and many other articles!

It is currently available in an online version from which copies can be printed; if anyone wishes there to be a more general supply of hard copies produced, Chris would be pleased to know so the overall viability of production & distribution can be assessed.

He is happy to receive contributions; his email address can be found at the end of the newsletter.

Christian Aid Week Envelopes

There are some envelopes on the vestibule table for those who wish to donate to the work of Christian Aid and do not receive one by other means. Anyone unable to return an envelope can hand it to Margaret for forwarding to Christian Aid.

Welcome to New Chair of District

The Rev Mark Slaney is to succeed the Rev Dr David Easton as our Chair of District from 1st September.  There will be a Service of Welcome, followed by tea and cake on Saturday 31stAugust at 2.30pm in Scott Street Methodist Church, Perth.

We are all warmly invited to share in this Welcome.

Worship on 26th May at St Paul’s Cathedral

Following on from the last church council Nick has had conversations with St Paul’s Episcopal Church.  One result of this is that we have all been invited to share in the service at St Paul’s on Sunday 26 May.  Nick has been invited to preach.  In addition to worshipping and sharing around the Lord’s table together, this is an opportunity to build our relationships with another church.

The service on Sunday 26th May will take place at St Pauls Cathedral at 10:30am and not at Marketgait

If the timing presents an issue for anybody because of transport please speak with a steward.  There are a number of steps to the front door of the church but once inside it is level (there is an electronic stair climber available – if it is to be used prior notice is helpful).

Signpost International Easter Greetings

We have received an Easter Message and Easter Rabbit Bookmark from Christian Paul Calero, whom we sponsor as a means of supporting development work in his village of West Habog Habog, in the Philippines.

See noticeboard downstairs for the Card and Bookmark.  David Easson is our contact with Signpost International.

Contributions in Lent and Easter

Thanks are expressed to all who have contributed to our observance of Lent and Easter, through contributions to worship, the Easter Breakfast, and porch displays.  The latter have drawn interest and attention from users, also not least from Link Club members who have monitored changes to the Lego display on a weekly basis!

Christian Aid Week 12th – 18th May 2019

This year’s focus is on “solidarity with mums in Sierra Leone” and especial awareness of the health issues in pregnancy and child-birth.  Events include the three Bridge Cross Challenges on the Erskine, Tay and Forth Road Bridges.  There is also a UK-wide campaign to host ‘A Big Brekkie’.

Taketime Training Day

Aberdeen Crown Terrace Methodist Church, from 10am to 3.30pm Tuesday 30thApril

At the heart of Taketime is the Ignatian idea of an imagined encounter with the Jesus of the Bible in which we are invited to step into an episode from the New Testament and imagine a conversation with Jesus.

Taketime meditations use your imagination to provide a calm, comfortable space in which to meet God. Anyone can use the meditations, regardless of background or religion, and in a variety of settings to suit each person or group. Although the meditations are each based on an episode from the Christian gospels, no religious knowledge or background is required.

This training day will provide opportunities to experience Taketime and learn how to facilitate others in groups for Taketime Together.

Registration and coffee/tea are available from 10am. Lunch will be provided; the event is free but please register via https://taketime.eventbrite.co.uk

For more information email Gary Williams williamsg@methodistchurch.org.uk or visit the Taketime website http://taketime.org.uk

District Administrator

Since the resignation of Fiona as Scotland District Administrator,  the Chair, Synod Secretary, and District Treasurer have been covering her duties.  Eileen Cox (who has previous experience of our District life and administration) will now take over this responsibility on a part-time basis, working flexible hours.

Eileen will visit the District Office in Dunblane on occasion but do not phone; please contact her by email. It is expected that this arrangement will continue until the end of 2019.