Preparing for the General Church Meeting

The annual General Church Meeting will be held at  10.30am on Sunday 3rdJune. In preparation for this, the Minister and Church Stewards draw attention to the following points and invite us all to consider, prayerfully, the issues involved:

  • we need to appoint at least 3 church stewards – it is essential that there is at least one appointed Steward named on duty each Sunday;
  • holding a Service of Worship covers a range of tasks, not all of which need to be (or currently are) done by Church Stewards – it is right and good that these are shared out as far as possible and appropriate;
  • a sense of “teamwork” is the right approach – whatever anyone can and does do is valuable and valued, whether they hold an “official” position or not;
  • being able to offer help once or just a few times is useful – it is not necessary to be present always or often to be ‘part of a team’;
  • our current numbers and other factors mean that we need to be flexible and realistic about what must, can, and cannot be done;
  • representation to the Church Council is also an agenda item;
  • between now and 3rdJune, further thinking and conversations will be taking place to help the GCM reach its decisions.

If you have comments or suggestions to make ahead of the GCM, please do so to Nick, Jenny, Graham, or Sue M-J. Thank you!

Progress in our redevelopment

Sue reports that we have now had a visit from the Structural Engineer and detailed plans have been drawn up.  These have now gone to the Quantity Surveyor and we are waiting to hear back on rough costings which will enable us to start our fundraising in earnest!

Can you help on Sundays?

Worship on a Sunday morning requires input from more than the preacher, the steward and the organist.

Have you considered offering to help in one or more of the following ways?

  • Greeting people at the door
  • Serving tea and coffee after worship
  • Assisting in the counting of the collection(s)

Please contact Jenny or one of the stewards if you would like to find out more.

All We Can’s work in Malawi

Malawi is one of the most impoverished countries in the world. While making progress, having held five peaceful presidential elections since 1993 and achieved steady growth in GDP, around 50% of the population still live below the international poverty line. There are many problems in Malawi that have contributed to such a high poverty rate: an over-reliance on subsistence farming, steady population growth, and the impact of the HIV/Aids crisis.

All We Can is working in the southern-most regions of Malawi with local organisations committed to seeing long-term and transformative change in the communities they work in.

All We Can works currently with 4 partners

  • Churches Action in Relief and Development
  • Adolescent Girls Literacy+
  • Eagles Relief and Development Programme
  • Foundation for Civic Education

Read more about these partners.

Greener energy for the church

Light-Bulb icon by Till Teenck greenAs from 1 April 2018, our church electricity supply is paid for through Ecotricity. All Ecotricity’s electricity comes from wind or solar power.

Our new contract is also cheaper than that offered by our previous supplier – so we save both carbon and money.


Methodist Conference 2018

Conference will meet in Nottingham University from Thursday 28thJune to Thursday 5thJuly. The prospective ordinands this year include the Rev Christopher Jackson, currently stationed on the Moray coast in the North of Scotland Mission Circuit, whose ordination is expected to take place in Chesterfield.

The elected Scotland District representatives this year include the Rev Nick Baker and Sue Marshall-Jennings.


Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week 2018 runs from 13 to 19 May, and focuses on long term work in Haiti after earthquake and hurricane, building disaster-proof homes.

Donate using an envelope delivered to your house or picked up from church. You may hand in your filled envelope to church; the money will be sent on to Christian Aid. Or donate online.