All We Can in Emergencies

All We Can is a Methodist charity working for relief and development

In the short term

In times of crisis, All We Can works through local partner organisations, already rooted in communities, or through the Methodist Church. All We Can also works in partnership with other international humanitarian aid NGOs that have long term partnerships with local organisations capable of responding.

In the longer term

All We Can also supports the local organisations with which it works with to find sustainable long-term ways of preparing for and responding to disasters. It provides the training and capacity development needed to build communities that are more resilient to disasters and to help protect the hard fought development gains they have achieved.

Worship cancelled 4th March

The snow and wind are making travelling hazardous throughout the circuit. All Methodist services of worship in the circuit on March 4th have been cancelled.

Lent 2 Liturgy

Psalm 27

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

God, our friend and our parent,
we give you thanks
that in your might and power
you gave birth to our universe
and this wonderful world,
with all its richness and beauty.

We give you thanks
that you made us in your image,
and that within us you placed
a yearning to seek out that which is beyond us
yet makes us whole beings –
your wonderful, transforming presence
in our lives.

We give you thanks
that through the passage of time,
through prophet, priest, ordinary people
and the whole of creation,
you have reached out to us and all humanity,
that we might know you more.

We give you thanks
for the ultimate revelation of you,
O gracious God,
in the coming of your Son Jesus to this our world,
and for his death on the cross –
that ultimate picture of how much you love us.
For all this we give you thanks. Amen.

(c) ROOTS for the Churches Ltd

Can you help on a Sunday?

Many members help on a Sunday by taking on duties as Stewards, Door Stewards, Counters and Coffee-makers. The March-May rota for these duties has been prepared and circulated.

Although allocating name(s) has been possible for every week, on certain Sundays this has placed extra demands on those named and there are no replacements available among the regulars if change is necessary.

If anyone feels able to volunteer to serve, albeit on an occasional, infrequent basis, please let Jenny Easson know. The commitment given is much appreciated.

World Day of Prayer

On the first Friday of March every year, Christian women around the world invite everyone to join in a Service on a theme prepared by women in one part of the world; for this year the material has been written by Christian women in Suriname on the theme

“All God’s creation is very good”.

The Dundee service will take place on Friday 2nd March at 2.30pm in St Andrew’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in the Nethergate. All are welcome and there will be refreshments served afterwards.
Note that the District Event in Perth includes observance of World Day of Prayer in its programme.

TheoArtistry Sacred Music Festival

Care about sacred music? The 2018 TheoArtistry Sacred Music Festival is happening at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, 5-6 March 2018.

Open discussions with composers Sir James MacMillan and Paul Mealor, reflections on sacred music in the 21st century, launch of new choral works by emerging composers working together with students from the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts (ITIA).

Events free, but ticketed. More information, including programme.

Fairtrade Fortnight

The fortnight runs from 26th February to 11th March. Buy goods from the Traidcraft stall as well as fairly traded goods from charity shops and supermarkets.