Church rotas

Jenny is asking for availability so she can compile rotas of duties for Sundays in December – February inclusive.  Please let her know if you wish to join and contribute, even on an infrequent basis – every little helps! Jenny compiles roots for door stewards, coffee after worship, and counting the offerings; training can be offered!

Worship Consultation

The meeting of the worship consultation on 7th November decided

  • An ‘Alternativity’ Advent Liturgy will be used during worship on Sundays from December 2nd  to January 6th;
  • the Tree will be erected on Friday 7th December and decorated on Saturday 8th December;
  • arrangements for porch and window displays are being finalised;
  • there will be no offering during worship on Christmas Day.

Traidcraft continuing

Traidcraft has notified its fair traders that it now proposes to continue trading after the end of the year.

It will be a much smaller organisation, and we do not yet know which lines will continue.  Watch this space!

Methodist Church Craft Fair

Friday 30th November and Saturday 1st December

This will be held on from 10am – 3pm upstairs. If there is high demand for tables, downstairs will also be used.  All interested in booking a table should contact Liz Kay on 01382 226426 or 07946855121 as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Free entry, but coffee and teas will be available to purchase.

Help in hosting would be much appreciated.  It would be great to have someone on tea and coffees.

Also, some donated home baking would be much appreciated too to help earn a few £s with the tea and coffee.

Property Redevelopment

The redevelopment steering group will meet on Tuesday 13th November.  The architect has not been invited to this meeting; we want to explore where we stand, and what questions we have, before we invite the architect to meet us.  If you have any points you wish the group to note, or questions you believe we should be putting to the architect, please contact either Lorna or Margaret.

The link to the church intranet is now live, and can be found in the links section at the bottom of every page of the church website – The intranet contains minutes of meetings, and documents relating to church redevelopment.  Please contact if you would like to be granted access, which is open to all members of the congregation.

BBC Christmas Eve Service broadcast

This year’s BBC televised Service will be recorded in St Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee on Saturday 17th November from 7pm to 10pm, with a rehearsal (venue to be advised) during the afternoon.  There is an invitation to experienced singers to expand the choir and to others to join the congregation.

It will include items by the local NYCOS Choir , the Loadsaweeminsinging group, and the Aberdeen University Chamber Choir, with the other half of the Service being congregational carols.

Tickets are required to ensure numbers are known.

Please sign the sheet on the vestibule table or let a Church Steward know if you wish to participate, no later than 11 November,  so we can advise the Cathedral of numbers and obtain tickets.

Worship Consultation

This open meeting in Marketgait at 1pm on Wednesday will include conversation and decisions about marking the Advent-Christmas season.  Please give apologies, suggestions, suitable material and thoughts about our worship life to Sue C, its Convener.