District Administrator

Since the resignation of Fiona as Scotland District Administrator,  the Chair, Synod Secretary, and District Treasurer have been covering her duties.  Eileen Cox (who has previous experience of our District life and administration) will now take over this responsibility on a part-time basis, working flexible hours.

Eileen will visit the District Office in Dunblane on occasion but do not phone; please contact her by email. It is expected that this arrangement will continue until the end of 2019.

Retiral of Chair of Synod

The afternoon session of Synod in Perth on Saturday May 11th is the occasion for the District to express thanks, farewell and good wishes to the Rev Dr David P Easton as he prepares to “sit down” and become a Supernumerary  from itinerant Methodist ministry on 31st August.  Donations towards a presentation are invited, through the Church Treasurer, David Easson. All are warmly welcome to attend the afternoon Synod session.

Easter Breakfast

At one of the meetings discussing the life and direction of the church, it was agreed that we would meet regularly for a meal and fellowship.  We therefore plan to have a faith breakfast on Easter morning (ie next Sunday) at 9:30am. Please see Fiona Thomas who has a sign-up sheet.

All We Can Malawi Floods Appeal

Along with other agencies, All We Can is responding to the widespread destruction in Mozambique, Malawi and other parts of southern Africa.  All We Can is focusing its appeal on support for Malawi:

“Already over 125,000 people have been displaced from their homes and families are facing hunger as harvests have been destroyed.  There is need for rapid action as people suffer because of the lack of shelter, sanitation facilities, food, and medicine.  The number of people affected by the floods has reached 922,000 – this number is expected to rise as the real extent of the damage is revealed and as heavy rains continue to fall in Malawi.”

For more information, including video and ways to make online donations see www.allwecan.org.uk or send a cheque payable to ‘All We Can’ to All We Can, 25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR, stating it is for the Malawi Floods Appeal.

Sponsored cycle for Malawi

Moira and Martin were due to finish their cycle marathon for Malawi hospital work, last weekend – ask how far they travelled! See online sponsorship page, sponsorship form, or hand a single donation direct to Moira if that is easier.
NB: Moira says that the recent typhoon damage has not reached the hospital where she had her placement, as it is in central Malawi.

Upcycling Event

Last Saturday’s event took in £61, which is reckoned, for the amount of material, etc taken, to be twice the rate of sending it to Nathan’s Waste Saver (“the Ragbag”).  However another £55, which includes payment for some of Saturday’s items, has been promised.  There was however still a vast quantity left and on Monday 461kg was picked up by Nathan’s, which is likely to bring in c £184.  Thanks to all who took part and helped – and bought!

Church Council brief résumé

At Wednesday’s meeting, those present discussed

  • extension of the Council membership, now permitted in view of Membership size;
  • report to Circuit Meeting following the “Being Methodist in our Church Life in Scotland” process;
  • Marketgait premises redevelopment action;
  • finance and property reports;
  • request to Circuit Meeting to send a Memorial to Conference anent “Marriage and Relationships”(unanimously agreed);
  • Stewards, Pastoral and Worship Reports;
  • monitoring of compliance with Safeguarding training requirements;
  • forthcoming events and diary entries

Next Council – Tuesday 22ndMay, upstairs at 7pm.

Visit of President and Vice-President to Dundee

As part of their visit to the circuit, the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference will be in Marketgait on Saturday 3oth March 2019. Everyone is invited to meet and talk with Michaela and Bala over light refreshments between 10am -11am.