Afternoon Tea – Ashgrove Court, Blairgowrie

Our Circuit friends at Riverside Methodist Church, Blairgowrie, extend a warm invitation to their Afternoon Tea at 2.30pm next Saturday.

Proceeds are for Blairgowrie’s support of All We Can.

A warm relationship has been built between Methodists and residents & staff at Ashgrove Court (Retirement Housing) where a Communion Service is held each Quarter.


Craft Fair

Saturday 28th September  from 10am – 3pm.
Tables £10 each, but sharing can be arranged by negotiation.
There will be a ‘church’ table where smaller donated items will be welcomed.  Coffee, tea etc will be available and donated baked goods would be much appreciated.
For more details and to reserve a table, please contact Liz on 01382 226426, 07946855121 or email lizkaylizkay [at]

Worship Consultation résumé

The recent meeting covered the following items:

  • The Harvest Café Service  on 29th September will be a Local Arrangement. A planning meeting for all interested will be held at 1pm Wednesday 11th September (“L”);
  • Study Group meetings on “whole church basis” (ie distinct from smaller pastoral support gatherings) on Wednesdays 11th and 25th September at 7pm in the “L” shaped room. These are to conclude the” Talking of God” series.
  • New study group meetings on the theme “What’s the Story?” – based on book by the President & Vice-President of Conference. These will take place on Wednesdays at 7pm in the “L” shaped room. 23rd October, 6th and 20th November, 4th December. These meetings are open to all – please contact a Church Steward if you need help with transport.
  • possibility of recording sermons for those unable to attend Marketgait worship;
  • next meeting – Tues 5th November at 10.15am.

Can you help with stewarding?

Jenny  is preparing the rota of Sunday duties for September-November; she will be delighted to know of anyone who can assist the current (small!) teams as a collection–counter, door steward, or server of coffee.  Even one or two Sunday dates will be very useful in relieving the pressure on current team members.

The Church Stewards will also be pleased to know of people willing to do readings in worship.

Warmest thanks are expressed to those on teams and to others who, in any way, assist our Sunday worship and the welcome offered to all entering our premises.

Worship Consultation

An invitation is given to all interested in our worship life to the Consultation at 1pm on Wednesday. Items to be discussed include our café harvest service (a “Local Arrangement”) at the end of September. Please give apologies and / or suggestions, material or comments about our worship to Sue C (Convener) or any Church Steward.

Pastoral letter August 2019

Dear Friends

We begin the Connexional Year welcoming our new Chair of District, Revd Mark Slaney.  The District welcome service is Saturday 31stAugust, 14:30 at Perth Methodist Church and refreshments will be served afterwards. Please pray for Mark and the District as he and we prepare for this new leadership in the District.

Itinerancy in Methodism can bring challenges as people loosen existing ties and seek to discover new friendships and relationships. One of the joys in this is that we can share new stories and old stories anew!  Across the District we have been engaging in conversations about our mission and our resources – sharing something of our story.  At the Methodist Conference this year the theme chosen for the year by the President and Vice President is “So what’s the story..?”.  This combines neatly with the Year of Testimony for 2019/20 – something that the Youth conference strongly encouraged us to commit to this year.

How can our stories build each other up, help us grow in faith and deepen our discipleship?  How can they challenge and enrich us?  How do our stories connect with the stories of Jesus?  How do the stories in our communities help us connect with others?

Over the summer I was fortunate to visit the town of Wittenburg in Germany – the place where Martin Luther lived and taught. The protestant reformation born out of a desire to share the gospel, the same Spirit in John Wesley, seeking to share the gospel story, in a way that was accessible for all.

These two followers of Jesus strived and struggled. As they cleared the debris of their lives and built trust in God they discovered the gift of God’s grace already dwelling within – and then just could not stop sharing this good news of amazing love.  The story of God’s great love in our lives and the difference it makes is something that can flow out of us.  So listen out for the stories in church, in communities (local, national & international) and ask what is my story?

With love


JPIT writes to Boris Johnson

An open letter has been sent to the new UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, from 7 Church leaders, to express concern that ‘failing to agree a deal on Brexit will “hit those held back by poverty very hard indeed”’.

As well as the argument about a general ability to cope with a no-deal Brexit and its particular effects on those hit by poverty, specific concerns are raised about food supply, pricing, the availability of medical supplies and the supply of energy.

The letter is signed by leaders from the Methodist Church in Great Britain; the United Reformed Church; the Baptist Unions of Great Britain, Scotland, and Wales; The Church of Scotland; Quakers in Britain; the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Together these Churches have approximately 700,000 members.